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Headteacher's Welcome

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Dear Parents and Students,

it is a matter of great joy, honour and privilege to have you as part of St. Mary's School Family. this is not merely an institution of learning , but has its own uniqueness. our attempt is to make an all out effort to ensure the all round development of every student given to our care. I thank the Almighty God for showering his providential care upon everyone involved with this institution planted in the year 2008 to promote quality education fro the children Fatehpur.

We aim at the holistic development of every child. We believe that school is home away from home. every child spends his/her quality time at the school and we consider it our sublime duty to help every child grow in wisdom, love sincerity, compassion, friendliness and discipline so as to blossom into responsible and unique individuals. We aim at growing together as an extended family, inculcating a spirit of freedom among the teachers, parents, students and the school management


This Handbook is an important means of communication between parents and the school family. it is meant to be used by the students to record their school activities and home work. Hence the students should ensure that they make proper use of it. Parents are requested to kindly go through the Handbook daily so as to keep themselves informed about the quality of work attempted by their ward. students are expected to bring the Handbook every day to the school. Care should be taken to keep it neat and clean.


Dear parents, let us play our role as parents and teachers at home and in the school to enable our children to grow in freedom and responsibly as members of one family and thus become partners to realise the vision of 'Vasudhaiva kudumbakam,' (Maha Upanishad 6.72), the universal family.


Always at your service,

                                                                          The Principal

Meet Our Teachers

Reece Peters

3rd Grade

Grace Squires

4th Grade

Aiden Paul

5th Grade

Robert Sanders

6th Grade